Samuel Yuri – Storm: Instrumentally-Driven Grunge Catharsis

I’m yet to happen across a track by Samuel Yuri that I haven’t instantly fallen in love with. ‘Storm’ from his latest album ‘Epic Scales’ was certainly no exception to this rule.

With a grungy sensibility the track unfolds under a slightly more antagonistically raucous sensibility than the other tracks from the album. But the muddy reverb and the biting lyricism certainly wasn’t lost on me, neither were Samuel Yuri’s intensely gruff vocals which were almost delivered in a spoken word capacity. Each aspect of the track is powerful enough to make you feel like you’ve just been taken upon an epic aural journey by a track with a tempo which will almost guarantee guitar-driven catharsis.

If you’re a fan of Megadeath, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Nirvana or Soundgarden chances are that the decadently raw track will go down a storm. So, it would seem that Samuel Yuri chose a pretty apt name for the single!

You can check out Samuel Yuri’s track Storm for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Keep up to date with all of the São Paulo based artist’s latest releases by following him via Facebook, after devouring the entire Epic Scales album, it’s safe to say that I’m left with an appetite of high-octane instrumentally captivating Alt Rock that I’m sure only Samuel Yuri can deliver.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Samuel Yuri – Arab Theme III: Sludgy Riff Heavy Prog Rock

Arab Theme III is the surprisingly riff-heavy latest track to be released from the prodigal guitar maestro Samuel Yuri. If you’re a fan of guitar-driven, sludgy progressive rock you’re going to adore what Samuel has cooked up. The doom-impounding riffs of the guitar clash concordantly against the harsh snares and the tight rolls of the drum beat in this instrumental only mix. There is no need for lyrics when so much weight is carried within the melody and harmony of the instrumentals in this extended track. Earlier this year we checked out Samuel Yuri’s single Wind Before the Storm; Arab Theme III may not contain the same rhythmically raucous vocal offerings, but we’ll hold the composition in high regard all the same.

You can check out Arab Theme III (yes, it’s a questionable choice for a Prog Rock track name, but trust me) by Samuel Yuri now by heading over to YouTube. Any fans of Metallica, Megadeath, Apocalyptica and Dream Theatre won’t hesitate to stick the high-octane instrumental medley on their playlists.

To keep up to date with Samuel’s latest releases and news, head on over to Facebook and connect with the irrefutably talented musician.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Samuel Yuri – Wind Before the Storm: Organically Sun-Soaked Goth Rock



You know you’ve stumbled across an absolute gem of a track when you crack a smile before the prelude has even finished seamlessly leading you into the first verse. Samuel Yuri is the genius behind the brand new single Wind Before the Storm. Slapping a genre label on the his sound almost seems criminal, whilst it flirts with Grunge, Classic Rock, Lo Fi and Goth Rock simultaneously the sound is irrefutably organic.

If you’re a fan of Type O Negative, Bauhaus, Alice in Chains, Danzig or the 69 Eyes, you really wouldn’t want to miss out on Wind Before the Storm. Samuel’s Lo Fi approach to production allowed the melancholy to pierce through the melody of this track to give you a reticently beautiful offering of Goth Rock.

You can check out the sensational single Wind Before the Storm via YouTube. It’s safe to say I’m already a little bowled over by his sun soaked, grungey style. That will be the roots of his São Paulo heritage pouring through.

You’ll probably want to keep up to date with Samuel Yuri’s latest tracks by giving the aurally fabulous artist a like on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

SAMUEL YURI: Novo álbum ‘Epic Scales’ é oficialmente lançado. Ouça aqui!

Já está disponível nas plataformas digitais o novo álbum do músico SAMUEL YURI, ‘Epic Scales’.

Contando com 9 faixas, o álbum traz uma continuação do trabalho iniciado pelo compositor e multi-instrumentista em singles lançados desde 2017 e abrange Rock e Metal com variações que passam pelas músicas árabes na composição ‘Arab Theme III’ e heavy metal com as ‘Wind Before The Storm’ e ‘Storm’. ‘Wind Before The Storm’ descreve a inspiração musical do músico e sua fusão com a música e a tempestade e ‘Storm’ fala contra a poluição e a corrupção.


O álbum completo está disponível para audição nos canais oficiais do músico. Confira:



Vivendo em São Paulo, SAMUEL YURI tem muitos talentos. O músico tem como inspiração grandes bandas como The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Legião Urbana, System Of A Down, Evanescence e Metallica.

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Epic Scales: Release Date

Samuel Yuri Promo

A nova versão de “Nuvens Claras” chegou hoje ao iTunes, Amazon e lojas digitais. E o novo álbum “Epic Scales” já tem data prevista de lançamento: 11.05.2018! Inscrevam-se nos canais.
The New Version of my Song “Nuvens Claras” has arrived today at iTunes, Amazon and Streaming Sites. And the New Álbum “Epic Scales” will be released on May 11, 2018! Subscribe to my channels. 



Epic Scales está chegando!

Samuel Yuri at Instagram

Epic Scales está chegando com mais fantásticas composições de Rock’n Roll. Agradeço ao trampo da Tereza no Studio. As fotos estão excelentes. Também agradeço aos fãs que estão ouvindo e gostando das músicas nos sites. Valeu! You Rock!
Epic Scales is coming with amazing New Rock’n Roll Songs. I’m thankful to the great job of Tereza at the Studio. I’m also thankful to the fans that are listening and liking the Songs at the sites. Thanks! You Rock! #SamuelYuri #NewAlbum #EpicScales #NewSongs #Guitarrist #Singer #Composer #Musician #Rock #Music #Youtube #Spotify #Soundcloud #NumberOneMusic #Art #MusicMakers 

Best Regards,

Samuel Yuri

Press Release

Hoje tive meu primeiro artigo musical publicado em um site de música! O site caprichou na matéria. Super feliz! #PressRelease #ArtigoMusical #PublicaçãoNaMídia #SamuelYuri


Publicação também recente no site Whiplash, com leitores e apreciadores de Rock de todo o Brasil. Confira a matéria aqui:

“Samuel Yuri: Trilhas Sonoras Épicas de Rock Árabe”:

Whiplash, publicação no site