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Epic Scales

Press Release

Hoje tive meu primeiro artigo musical publicado em um site de música! O site caprichou na matéria. Super feliz! #PressRelease #ArtigoMusical #PublicaçãoNaMídia #SamuelYuri


Publicação também recente no site Whiplash, com leitores e apreciadores de Rock de todo o Brasil. Confira a matéria aqui:

“Samuel Yuri: Trilhas Sonoras Épicas de Rock Árabe”:

Whiplash, publicação no site

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Samuel Yuri makes the Best Rock and Soundtrack Music. By the influences of Great bands like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nirvana, System of a Down, Evanescence and other great brazilian bands as well, such as Legião Urbana and Los Hermanos, Samuel Yuri has what it takes in his compositions Ideas. His songs can be found in the Best Digital Stores such as GooglePlay, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, 7digital, 247 and also in many straming sites as YouTube and Soundcloud. Living in São Paulo Brazil, is also an Inventor, Entrepeneur, Composer, Guitarrist, Singer and Songwriter.

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